The Snowboarding Settlement Report

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The Snowboarding Settlement
On a burning hot August day a tribe of people called the Kewanee were trying to go about their daily business, but it was just too hot. They tried splashing pails of cool water on their bodies, and even burying themselves in the little mud there was. The farm animals and crops were dying, people were starting to overheat trying to continue on with their work. Bodies of water were drying up and evaporating, and land was starting to catch fire because of the astounding temperature. Franco and Layla, the two tribe leaders, were looked upon for a solution.
“What're we supposed to do? Everything is dying! People are dying!”, “We can't even go about our work, it's just too hot. How're the people supposed to survive?”. Were many of the questions asked. The people were absolutely devastated and had nowhere to turn to for answers, but one night a woman appeared in a dream of Franco’s telling him that if his people showed true kindness, courage, and strength that they would be greatly rewarded.
The kindness would show through by giving to others, the little they had left, that were more in need. The courage would be shown when they were scared, yet did not give up. Strength would be shown when they worked even harder for the things they did not have. Lastly, the woman told Franco that when these three things had been shown to travel to the top of the highest mountain by foot with all of the villagers that belonged to that tribe and ask for Julissa, the

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