Snowboarding Essay

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Snowboarding is one of the most enjoyed international pastimes. It presents you with this feeling of freedom and raw power as the cold air hits your face while you carve down the almost vertical mountain face dropping over steep clips and carving trough trees. These are just a few reasons why so many people internationally flock to the mountains to partake in this sport. Snowboarding provides people an escape from there comfort zone by pushing them to take on risks they would never have thought off before.

Snowboarding has reached a height in popularity that has some didn’t think was possible. The snow boring industry has grown by a tenfold by now grossing 5 billion dollars a year. Many companies have invested millions of dollars into …show more content…

Although novice riders do make up a large portions of the head injuries caused on the slopes there not the only ones who suffer from these horrific crashes. Contrary to the belief of some expert snowboarders there more susceptible to head injury then novices due to the facts that there pushing the envelope that much more. doing better and more intense tricks of heights of forty plus feet in the air. Just like everyone else even experts are sustainable o head injuries. For instance, one of the most famous cases of this is shown with Kevin Pearce. Kevin Perce was on track to being the best in the world of his craft winning any and every competition. Well One day when Kevin was training in Salt Lake City he had a traumatic crash smashing his face on the lip of the jump (top part of the jump before the takeoff) causing him to go unresponsive for 25 min. From there he was helli lifted to a nearby hospital where the doctors found out damaged a good portion of his brain that left him in the intensive care unit for 3 months leaving his with numerus problems and a four-year recovery process. This shows that no matter what your level of skill accidents

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