The Social Contract ( P153-224 ) Essay

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The normative social contract, which is the second part of Rousseau 's social contract in The Social Contract (p153-224), is meant to act as a response to the problem to which the social contract is supposed to be the viable solution. According to him the ill-favoured state of circumstances that exist in the contemporary societies are laid out in his account of the moral and political progression of human beings from the peaceful and utopian time of the state of nature where there was equality amongst men to the conditions of inequality, competition and conflict that the contemporary societies suffer from. Consequently in Book I , Chap IV the solution or the social contract is described in this quote “Find a form of association which defends and protects with all common forces the person and goods of each associate, and by means of which each one, while uniting with all, nevertheless obeys only himself and remains as free as before". Moreover , Rousseau 's solution to the ill-favoured conditions laid out above is the formation of legitimate authority that result solely from an agreed upon social contract by all individuals to assure their mutual preservation and freedoms.

Although the state of nature for Rousseau seems to be the logically favoured place to live ; there comes a time in the state of nature at which civil society must be formed and is inevitably formed in order for all to . Furthermore , according to Rousseau the development of society produces ill-favoured

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