The Social Learning Theory Of Adolescents

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At this stage in development, adolescents are at a very critical point in life. It is an accepted belief that adolescents are very vulnerable at this time. Therefore it is easy to see that they would imitate their favorite celebrities, or other role models in the media, in their dress, actions, and speech. This example is a clear depiction of Bandura’s “Social Learning Theory”. According to the “Social Learning Theory”, humans are naturally developed to mimic any behaviors that they frequently see as positive and see performed unless there are negative, undesirable consequences to the behavior (Arnett, 2013). Essentially based on the Social Learning Theory, adolescents are especially driven by this pattern of behavior because they are at a critical point in the development of their identity. As a result they will copy almost anything that seems to benefit the image of the people who do them. In our current society, female adolescents are especially at risk. The media shows woman as thin, beautiful, sexy, figures that are meant to be glorified for meeting that criteria. Many comprise their health in order to fit into this ideal standard. It is dangerous, but young females do not see this. Instead they see a beautiful woman that they look up too, a woman who is considered the desirable female prototype. This portrayal in media not only affects a young female adolescents self-esteem, and body image but it also is dangerous because of the vulnerability of adolescents at this

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