The Social Philosophies On The Race Theory And Feminism Approaches

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This paper will address and define the social philosophies on the Race Theory and feminism approaches. These theories will be explained of how it is understood, compared and contrasted through examples of social justice, and examples of injustice.

The Race theory is viewed as a self-conscious way of thinking. It is referred to as ideas of human differences beginning from ancient times to today. Racism is made up of practices and commitments deriving from racial hierarchies. However, the thought is that where there is a race, racism follows and vise versa, therefore, consequences adheres to this notion. The definitional of racism is results from the idea of what is done to races in social term, certain races, and how they are judged (Lewis R. Gordon, 2015). The theory is an examination of how American society, various cultures, race, law, and power are conjoined in some form or another creating tension between races. Due to the challenges of true human neutrality Americans have a difficult time in facing the idea of fairness within the US political system.

Examples of social justice through Race Theory were dominant in the 1980’s by behaviors expresses through speech of hatred. This commonly took place on college campuses and other educational surroundings targeting colored students. The First Amendment freedom of speech sheltered racial slurs. However, the schools felt that words have an affect on hurting and therefore, argued to implement a code to regulate speech on
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