The Social Problems Of The American Minimum Wage

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Social problems of The American Minimum Wage
The issues of the minimum wage are not only a controversial in the United States but also in many other parts of the world. So what is minimum wage? It is a simple legislative policy that requires that pay to the lowest worker is not lower than a certain amount per hour. However, even though much of the other labor regulation policies change now and then, nonetheless, the arguments to this topic have been constant through the years (Bose, 2017). In the United States, in particular, the first legislation on the required lowest pay was in introduced in 1938 by Roosevelt, Franklin Delano and it was set at approximately $25 which if translated today would be around $4 an hour. It was part of the ratified proposals of the FLSA or the Fair Labor principles/ standards Act that addressed alongside various other factors such as overtime compensation, the payment for youth services, record keeping and civil servants compensation at the state, local and federal levels (Eastern research, 2014).
However, before the overall ratification of 1938, law, Massachusetts had already passed similar laws in 1912 concerning children and women only, and through the years and by different presidents, it has been raised by 12 presidents, 22 times (Eastern Research, 2014). The minimum wage review in the U.S. is intentionally set not to correspond to inflation, but it is only revisited through a congressional undertaking. The current rate as

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