The Social Suicide And Anxiety

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Smile, happy thoughts, keep your head held high, breathe, that way no one will see your pain. I say this to myself, while I look in the mirror. I run my hand through my short damp hair and finish drying myself, it is 6:30 A.M. and I have about thirty minutes to get ready for school. I hate school, I hate the concept of being told stuff that honestly will serve no purpose in my life. The social suicide and anxiety that comes with school does nothing but drive me to insanity. Suddenly I hear a knock on my door I put on a shirt and finish pulling up my pants as I 'm walking to my door. I open it see my little sister smiling at me telling me it 's time for me to go, she hands me a protein shake and my car keys. I run back in my room grab…show more content…
I like walking down the second grade hallway, it reminds me of a time before children knew how to be hurtful and mean, a time when prejudice, wasn 't a taught thing. Gathering my thoughts, and maybe giving myself a little bit time to prep before I had to walk down the senior hallway. it 's funny how every year of high school they always say next year will be better. when I 'm a senior and I 'm supposed to be having the time of my life. Instead I am a sexually confused, depressed, socially awkward weirdo, Waiting for my moment of happiness. 10th grade is when I officially realized that I like boys. My coming out wasn 't horrible at all, My grandma told me she knew all along, and my two older sisters we 're just like surprise we already knew. I 'm not gonna say It wasn 't hard because it was but it wasn 't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Suddenly, I get shoved into my locker, by two jocks, that I couldn 't really see, but I could guess who it is. I compose myself because I collapsed when I got shoved and fell completely on my ass. stood up got my pre calculus book and started to walk to homeroom. I kind of developed the strategy to stay hidden from people, keep your head down don 't make eye contact and never raise your hand in class. if you follow the guidelines you practically invisible in hell, I mean school. Which I did a pretty good
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