The Social Work Role

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It is mainly focused on providing parental information and will require adaption in dealing with the trend. Research has shown that being obese or overweight negatively effects an adults or child’s mental health (Huang et al., 2005). While this intervention already has a mental health sector, with the increasing need of the population this will likely need to be expanded, and other departments may need to undergo training to identify mental health symptoms. The rise in health issues in both children and adults (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2013) the resulting increasing financial cost of medical treatment (Colagiuri et al., 2010) and increased time off work as a consequence of obesity (Australian Safety and Compensation Council, 2008) may cause individuals who seek help to struggle financially. To adapt to this program would require the development an action plan for parents who are struggling financially to cover the cost of living and to provide extra support services for families where a parent or child has been diagnosed with an illness which have long term consequences, such as Diabetes. The impact of an individual’s family behaviours has been found to be just as influential as having an obese parents (Martin, 2008). Using this information an intervention would best be aimed at an inclusive family level requiring an intervention to be applicable to varying family dynamics and members. While prevention has been shown to be more successful than

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