The Socialization Of Single Motherhood

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Single motherhood has been presented in all societies eventually due to different reasons. Single motherhood is not something we all envisage happening, but it does happen. Raising a child is inarguably the toughest job around and carrying out this great responsibility becomes far more burdensome when one has to do it alone - every day, day after day. (Aston & McLanahan, 1991)
Family structure may be a particularly important aspect of the different contexts that creates inequalities among women. Family structure refers to the intersection of marital and parental status in describing the composition of a household. The concept of family structure facilitates the development of theory concerning the experiences of a growing number of families headed by single mothers. (Avison, 1995) The
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The morality and advisability of single motherhood has long been debated more often than partnered mothers. (Obieke, 2013)
Families have a paramount importance for the development of children and their wellbeing in many ways. The family is the first socializing agent that the child comes into contact with. It has a great influence on the child’s physical, mental and moral development. The family also lays the foundation of education before the child goes to school and the personality that the child takes to school is determined by the home and the significant others who are found in it (Maduewesi and Emenogu, 1997).
Motherhood is challenging under the best of conditions. With single mothers, the challenges are multiplied. Single mother brings up her children without a partner. Compared to intact families, single motherhood is associated with a number of negative effects. In discussing consequences of single mothers, however, it should be recognized that single motherhood refers to a diverse category of
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