The Sociological Evolution Of Humankind

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The sociological evolution of humankind has brought upon several types of societies that have allowed us to categorize their progressive benchmarks as a whole. Two of the main society-types that are worth being considered are the simple and advanced horticultural societies. The two society-types are perhaps very similar in certain descriptions, however they differ from one another in specific social characteristics. Generally, the two horticultural societies are considered to be less primitive when compared to the social characteristics of its predecessor society—hunting- gathering. In fact, the first evidence of a division of labor happened to appear in simple horticultural societies, whereas the people from the hunting-gathering societies lacked the development specializations related to the production of food. On the other hand, the two horticultural societies were not considerably defined as the full potential of the human species. The understanding of how the society-types were correlated towards a progressive direction is nonetheless revealed once the two horticultural societies are compared and contrasted. To begin contrasting the two societies, the simple horticultural societies were first of all known to be composed of smaller population numbers as opposed to the advanced horticultural societies. More specifically, the simple horticultural societies contained 13.8 persons per square mile as opposed to the advanced horticultural societies which contained 42.7

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