The Sociological Theory Of Criminology

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Criminologist breaks down crime in three ways Biological, Psychological, and lastly Sociological. The very first era that crime began to be discussed was during the Middle Ages, that’s when many people believed that people could not conform to what was considered normal thinking of their society, where these people were labeled as witches or even possessed by what they may call satanic entities. Siegel (2010). The very beginning of criminology was noted with classical school of thought with Jeremy Bentham and Cesare Beccaria. Cesare theorized that crimes is in fact a product of what we call a ration choice or decision which can ultimately be controlled with certain methods. Fast forwarding to many years ahead criminologists then have expanded on compounded, and developed new ideas as to why people commit crime which include theories that point the finger to the main three biological, psychological, and sociological. Sigmund Freud established a well-known psychoanalytic theory which were based solely on personality defects which then claimed that crime was caused by improper development during their early years. With such theories, it was said the criminal is not however responsible for their behavior directly. It is however blamed on nonconforming personality traits which include aggression, spontaneity, and dissonance. However, this is often hard to measure, and these theories have had little impact recidivism or deterring criminal actions (Akers & Sellers, 2004).

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