The Spanish Colony, La Isabela Essay

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La Isabela is known to be the first European colony in the new world. It is named after Queen Isabela. The expedition was lead Christopher Columbus and accompanied by about 1500 men along with supplies such as livestock, seeds for planting crops, and tool and supplies necessary to establish a colony. The expedition was lead in 1493, after Christopher Columbus first voyage from 1491-1492. When he first landed on the east bank of the Bajabonico River he encountered the Tiano Indians. He took some gold from the Tiano to convinced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela to fund a second, larger expedition. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela were convinced after seeing the gold. The main purpose of the expedition was to provide a foot hold in …show more content…

Not able to find much gold in interior of the island, he set up a fort for future expeditions. When he returned to La Isabela, he found the colony in terrible condition. The colony had experienced a hurricane, crop failure, disease, and conflict with the native Taino tribe. Life was unbearable for the people. Columbus later set out looking for the main land of China, leaving his brother Diego in charge. During Columbus' absence the colony had fallen into confusion. Besides the growing discontent of many of the colonists, the natives were in insurrection - provoked, as it appeared, by the ravages and cruelties of the whites. When Christopher Columbus returned, he was terribly ill. He wrote to the King and Queen about enslaving the natives, especially the Caribs. Even though the King and Queen refused to let him enslave the natives, he took 1600 Arawak’s as slaves. He sent 560 of them back to Spain. Half of the natives died, and the remaining natives were shipped right back and released.
The commander at Santo Tomas was accused for cruelty to the native, but Columbus himself in his Memorial of 30 January, 1494, commends the conduct of that officer. He sent him reinforcements, which were used to capture the native.
Unable to figure out what really happened and the statues of the natives, the sovereigns decided to send someone to investigate. They chose Juan de Aguado, someone who had gone with Columbus on his first voyage and with whom he had always been on

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