The Speed of Reaction.

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Method Step 1 – Remove blazer and put goggles on for health and safety reasons. Step 2 – Collect the following equipment – Thermometer – to check the temperate Conical flask – to hold acid 1 litre breaker – contain water Measuring cylinders x2 50ml 25ml Blanco – to weight out the marble chips Marble chips CaCO3 – which react with Hydrochloric acid Stopwatch – to time when the reaction starts Delivery tube – to pass the air Camp stand – to hold the equipment Boson – it heats up the water Tripod – to hold the beaker at a certain height that has the most heat Ice – to cool down the water of a certain temperate Test tube holder – so you don’t burn your hand and it is safe. Step 3 – Set up all…show more content…
The temperature were 15, 20,25,30,35,40. Surface of chips Crushed up marbles which reacts quicker. The smaller the surface area the quicker the reaction is, the larger the surface area the slower the reaction is. The marble chips weight the same and use small marble chips. The weight was 1g. Concentration of acid High concentration there is makes the particles react more frequently. No change so therefore it stayed at M1. Catalyst Did not use in the experiment. Man made chemical its makes the reaction quicker. We did not use this chemical nor was involved in the experiment. Amount It depends how much concentrate acid there is. For example is the acid is weak and you put a large mount of marble chips the reactions wouldn’t be very successful. We used 1g amount of marbles chips. Results Temperature. Time taken 1 2 3 Average Rate 15 104.35 96.66 106.0 105.31 0.000925 20 111.12 121.75 239.08 116.67 0.008620 25 73.23 70.34 134.67 71.5 0.014000 30 82.76 54.89 47.65 50.5 0.020000 35 42.57 33.43 37.5 35.5 0.028500 40 27.56 41.14 55.82 48.48 0.020800 Amount used: 1g Small marble chips 40ml of acid (M1) Overall my experiment went well; it does prove that the increase of the temperature does increase the rate of reaction. In my experiment I could improve many things like changing the marble size, time and heat. The marble we used in the start of the experiment was too large which mean the rate of
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