How Does The Concentration Affect The Rate Of Reaction

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How does the concentration affect the rate of a reaction?
By Alex Whenman

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1. Introduction to my investigation
2. Background information on concentration
3. What experiment I will be conducting
4. Equipment I will be using
5. How I will be conducting the experiment
6. Heath and safety risk assessment
7. What I think will happen
8. How I will set up my experiment
9. Why I’m having my experiment set out like this

How does the concentration affect the rate of a reaction?

In this investigation I will be investigating to see whether the concentration …show more content…

When performing my experiment I will come across various health and safety issues. One of them would be spilling acid on my hand. To prevent this I will be using syringes to measure out the correct amount of HCL. This will prevent any spillage of HCL. Also another heath and safety risk would be having Na2S2O3 get into any open cuts I have. To prevent this I will cover all open cuts I have. Moreover there is a chance that when reacting HCL with Na2S2O3 the gases produced could get in my eye and cause my eye to become irritant. So to prevent this I will wear safety goggles so the gases produces can not get into me eyes.

When I conduct my experiment I think that as the concentration of HCL increases. The time taken for the HCL to react with Na2S2O3 will increase. I think this will happen because of the collision theory (1) ‘the more collisions in a system, the more likely combinations of molecules will happen.’ This helps understand that if we increase the concentration of HCL then the more likely there will be combination of molecules hitting each other at a faster rate meaning that if there are more collisions of molecules this would speed up a reaction by every molar the HCL goes up by.

I will be

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