The Sports Of Intercollegiate And Interscholastic Sports

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Intercollegiate and Interscholastic sports have become today’s most popular sporting events in the southeastern part of the United States, which have force sports networks such as the Eastern Sport Network (ESPN) and Sports South Network (SSN) to broadcast the majority of the sporting events several times a week. These networks are spending billions of dollars to ensure that the collegiate and high school sports industries are popular and fulfilling to society. Sitkowski (2008) stated that the pressure to win and the thought of making large amount of revenue have force colleges and high schools to concentrate on finance, instead of their educational mission. In addition, Duderstandt (1996) believed colleges and high schools have allowed television and the constant desire for visibility to distort the nature of competitive sports. The college and high school coaches, as well as athletic directors are experiencing pressure from the alumni, fans and administration to win now not later, which has created a conflict between the academic and athletic communities on many campuses. Even though television networks like ESPN and SSN has turn intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics into prime time events, many universities and secondary schools are continuing to promote the mission of their institution which is to educate young men and women (Duderstandt, 1996).
Stenson (2004) believed that the pressure to win in sports at any cost has caused some athletes simple to burn

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