Essay on The Start of Slavery

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Today, slavery is not something you see in modern day society. For the most part, people are treated fairly while working, are given benefits such as holidays and the option to take a sick day when feeling ill, and are paid a good wage for their services as an employee. But unfortunately this was not the case back in the 1800s where slavery was popular among the southern parts of the United States.
How It Started Slavery grew in the 1800s due to the demand for more workers to help on plantations, particularly in the southern states. The northern states didn't need slaves because they didn't have as many large farms as the south did. These slaves were imported by large ships from Africa and sent all over the world such as Portuguese …show more content…

Even the young and the elderly were forced to work as well. They hardly ever got days off, only on Sundays and holidays that were not frequent, such as Christmas. After a long day of working, slaves then had personal free time. This is the time that they used to make food and clothing for their families. Since slave owners last priority was their slave's comfort, they often provided the bare minimum for their slave's survival. They didn't want to waste money on luxuries, but they did want to keep them alive and well enough so that they could still work for them. When they retired for the night, the slaves called a small stick shack with a dirt floor home. These shacks had a lot of cracks in the walls and this let in the cold and harsh wind. The windows only had thin coverings as well. [4] Again, bare minimum and maximum profit were all that the slave owners cared for. There was one thing that the slaves did have control over though. They could get married and have children. But the slave owner did have the power to break up families by selling certain members. Also any children that were born were property of the slave owners. [5] The slave owners actually encouraged slaves to have families because this meant that they would have more workers at their disposal. Slave owners often would punish any slaves that tried to educate themselves. They didn't want their slaves to be educated in fear that they

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