The State Of The Environment

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The State of the Environment in William Gibson’s Neuromancer In William Gibson’s Neuromancer the natural world has become virtually nonexistent. The environment has essentially been destroyed and replaced with man-made technology, and anything genuinely ‘natural’ has become unfamiliar and even intimidating to humans. People in the dystopian society of Neuromancer are able to manipulate the ecological world to an incredible extent, so much so that even the human body has become unnatural through the use of medical technology such as artificial organs. However, despite the incredible abilities of technology in Neuromancer, certain imperfections show that humans are still incapable of recreating everything that they have destroyed, and thus Gibson is encouraging environmental preservation in the underlying themes of his book. Gibson’s portrayal of the environment, or lack thereof, in this future dystopia represents his fear of what the world would become if humans were to abandon nature. It is regrettably clear from the beginning of the novel that even the few aspects of nature that have not been destroyed by human activity are no longer viewed with admiration, nor do they contain beauty like they do in the real world; they are dull, gray, and unnerving.
Gibson reveals the state of the environment in the opening of the book, and implies humans’ lack of connection with nature using one of the most inherently natural features of the planet. Rather than the typical blue sky

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