William Cronon And Neil Smith

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Reading William Cronon and Neil Smith, I came to understand that each of the two authors introduces us to a different approach of human conceptual relationship with nature. In The Trouble with Wilderness, William Cronon speaks about how we reject our responsibility toward nature and the potential danger existing in our conception of wilderness (or nature). On the other hand, Neil Smith in The Production of Nature introduces us to how humanity transforms the nature in the process of producing commodities. William Cronon discusses how we separate ourselves from our nature of origin (or village) merely by idealizing it and thinking of it as somewhere distant and remote we don’t belong. William says that we all come from a natural origin, but sometimes we take too much pride of ourselves and do not consider ourselves living as members of the natural world. Instead, we take part in civilized society while at the same time “imagining that our true home is in the wilderness” (Cronon). This way of understanding the concept of nature (or wilderness) leads to an ultimate separation of us, as members of society, from what we could consider to be our true home. Our real lives take place in a civilized realm, yet we fantasize about escaping from the artificial constructs of society and long to enter into a remote wilderness. To fulfill our fantasy we escape to the landscape offered by national parks. Yet we go on vacations to take advantage of the natural framework of national
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