The State of Ethics and Professionalism in the Field of Entrepreneurship

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Ethics and professionalism are important aspects in any career field. As a business person, it is easy for the author to consider ethics and professionalism being forefront issues in creating a lasting business anywhere in the world. In this project, research was carried out regarding ethics and professionalism in entrepreneurship. This research was done on the widest basis and not specifically of entrepreneurship in the information technology industry. The assumption being, ethics and professionalism have general overarching qualities that often transcend fields. Main issues to be addressed will be firstly to identify solid meanings of the words “ethics”, “professionalism” and “entrepreneur”, the importance of these two qualities in business, and the greatest ethical challenges and moral dilemmas that the two professionals I interviewed face in business. In addition, we will also look at how these individuals cultivate professionalism and excellence in their chosen field. Having looked at the preceding areas, we shall commence to illustrate what I believe constitutes a good professional. All in the while, there shall be an attempt to provide plentiful evidence from literature consulted for this purpose.


Ethics is a very pertinent issue in Malawi's current state of affairs in the private and especially public sectors. The recent revelation of scandalous looting dubbed the “Cashgate” scandal has displayed to many

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