The Story Of A Family

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The next morning, Gene found his granddaughter on the front porch with Hannah on her hip while she watched Brody play on the ancient tire swing in the front year.

“I’m not sure how safe that swing is,” Gene said, as he came to stand beside her taking a sip of his coffee.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell him no. Figured he probably didn’t weigh enough for it to even register,” Charlie replied. Trading the baby for his coffee cup.

“You’re going to be a great mom.”

Charlie laughed. “How can you be so sure?” she asked looking over at him.

“You raised Danny didn’t you?”

“That’s different. We had Dad and Maggie,” Charlie choked, thinking about her family.

“And now they have you,” Gene replied, cupping his granddaughters cheek with a …show more content…

“I mean your Mom and Miles aren’t even back from Wichita yet.”

“Which means that it’s perfect timing,” Charlie smiled as she turned to him. “I couldn’t have done this without you, Grandpa. Thank you.”

“I’m going to miss you and these little ones,” Gene replied, pulling her in for a hug. Kissing her forehead, he pressed a kiss to Hannah’s crown, before bending down to Brody, pulling a package out of his pocket. “Here’s treat for the train. You be a good boy for your mama, okay?”

“I will Grandpa,” Brody nodded as he eyed the brown bag in his hand.

Smiling, Gene stood as the train horn blew. “Time to go,” he said hugging Charlie one last time. “You can do this,” he reminded her as she took Brody by the hand and handed him off to the porter who helped him up the stairs to the car. Waving goodbye to Gene, Charlie followed with Hannah in her arms.


Helping Brody down the steps that the conductor had placed on the platform, Charlie heaved a tired sigh as she shuffled Hannah to her other hip. Shielding her eyes, she looked up and down the platform before seeing the soldier standing off to the side. Gathering the children, she made her way to him. “Hello, I’m Charlie Matheson.”

If the soldier had any thoughts about her showing up with two children, he wisely kept them to

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