The Story Of A Short Story

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“No, but he seemed to just sit and stare at me for near on my entire shift. I was going to point him out to you but he just disappeared.” She said and suddenly started to get an uneasy feeling. “Ulyana, do you get the feeling we are being watched?” Ulyana looked around, the shook her head. “No, I think it might be paranoia from talking about the old guy.” Looking around herself she replied “Maybe. I hope so. It’s just I have this real crawly feeling. I have never had a feeling like this one before.” That night Aalia was in the middle of another pleasant dream, with Ulyana as the main attraction, of course, then all of a sudden she was bumped out of that dream and into another. She was standing in what appeared to be a pure white, sealed box, except she couldn’t reach the side walls, no matter how hard she tried. “Hello, is there anyone there?” She cried out. The silence was the only response received. “Why on earth am I here?” she mumbled to herself, feeling rather dismayed. “Why can’t I go back to the good dream, instead of being stuck in this white solitary confinement.” All of a sudden an actual wall appeared with a door. Before she could register what was going on, the door slowly opened and in stepped the creepy, old man from the restaurant. “Great, I got pushed from a good dream into one with a creepy guy.” She muttered. “Just what any girl would want.” “Hello Aalia, I’m really sorry to approach you this way, but you seemed a bit threatened when I last saw

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