The Story Of Drag : A Short Story

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Long ago near a pleasant little pond, a blind dragonfly named Drag existed. All the other pond critters hated the bumbling bug because he always bumped into them. “Are you blind?!” yelled Joe the butterfly when Drag accidently bumped into him. “Yes actually,” replied Drag grumpily, “ why are you yelling?” Unfortunately for him, Joe had already fluttered off toward a pretty flower. “Stop talking to yourself, you’re disturbing my sleep!” snapped Yolanda the moth. “Ow! That's not a reason to bite me!” Drag said, not knowing that Yolanda had flown off to another spot to rest. “You wasn’t tasty anyway,” Mark the mosquito announced, “ the softies are so much better.” “Speaking of food Mark, would you be so kind as to bring me some food?” “Nah man you best ask one of your people, I don't know what you eat!” As mark flew off, Drag continued on his curvy path until he bumped into another bug. “Oh no please don’t shout at me!” pleaded Drag,”I am just trying to get some food.” “Maybe get your eyes fixed first so you can see where you are going!” said Jackie another dragonfly who was slightly smaller than Drag. Drag started crying, he was so hungry and so angry that he kept getting yelled at. Jackie felt uncomfortable. “Continue on this path and when the temperature drops to where it feels like your wings will freeze and you see, I mean fly through, a rainbow, find a leprechaun named Fergus. He patched me up once when I was attacked by a

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