The Story Of My Brother 's Birth

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Heres 's the story of my brother’s birth, and where it brought me in life. It taught me so many things. Things I always imagined happened, and my life changed. I learned a lot from this experience about life, so here it is. It all started Christmas morning. My parents were all excited, and so was I. It was Christmas, who wouldn’t be excited. So, I woke up, and went downstairs. My Mom was already down there. My Mom and I talked for a little bit about past Christmases. We figured we let my Dad sleep in a little longer before we opened our presents. After about a half an hour, we went and woke him up. When we went downstairs, my Dad got the video camera, and put it on the tripod. We always record Christmas morning. So then we all sat next to the tree. I opened my first couple of presents. They were a few Lego sets, a camera, and a watch. Then my Dad opened the gift from my Mom and I. It was a stadium chair that goes on bleachers, since he always complained about having to sit hours on the hard bleachers at my swim meets. Then my Mom opened up the gift from my Dad and I. We got her a robe and a pair of slippers, because her old robe and slippers had holes in them. Then, we went to our stockings. My parents had the usual, candy and some money from each other. They always do that, even though they have the same bank account. Then, instead of candy and a snickers bar in my stocking, there was a grey shirt. I was confused, and I asked my parents what was it. They said to open it
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