The Story Of The Story?

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GAH!" Xion screamed. "Oh come on, I'm not that scary right carpet?" Genie said. Carpet wavered its tussle. "See even Carpet agrees, are you trying to give me a complex or something? You'll ruin my image!" "I'm just popped out of nowhere." 'And I'm already creeped out enough.' "You should expect that from me by now, hmph, some friend you are!" Genie flew away and Carpet followed behind him. "Well, that was weird." "—You know what else is weird?" "AGH!" Xion screamed again, not realizing Genie and Carpet popped up behind her again. Genie continued. "That your look-alike isn't anywhere near here, what was the name? Rock salt? First Donald and Goofy, know the blondie, I bet he must of ditched you just like how Al ditched …show more content…

Genie nodded and snuck an annoyed glance at Carpet. They watched the rugged prince until he was far enough way from them to trail behind him unnoticed. After navigating several long halls they began down a set of stairs that unwinded into the damp, dark dungeon hidden away under the palace. "This is the dungeon." Genie whispered. Xion silently commanded them to stop and they sat back as Aladdin opened up one of the cells. 'There's heartless down here, I can feel it.' Her keyblade came to hand and they all continued to the cell door. "What's Al even doing? I've never seen him act this strange before, maybe it was something he ate." Carpet waved its tussle back and forth, speaking some nonverbal language only Genie understood. Genie plucked at his beard in response. "I thought that too at first, but it just doesn't seem like Al...Al's you know, Al...and he took the sultan with him." "...!" "I know right? You think things would change a little around here, nope same old, same old. I'm starting to miss that glorious vacation we were on. The beach is calling my name!" "...?!" Xion stared at them, utterly lost at the conversation the two magical beings were having. 'There must be a rich story behind those two, this whole world feels like something out of a dream.' She shook her head. "We're getting off track, we still have to save Aladdin!" "Right-right, whatever heartless is messing with everyone, we'll capture them right here!" Genie kicked the cell door

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