Analysis Of The Book ' The Crucible '

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Dusting off his cloak, he approached Drea’s door. The moment he stepped up, he heard the loud scrape of the bolt engaging, followed by the heavy clunk of the door bar being lowered. Strange, since Drea knew he was to arrive at this time. He knocked. Nothing. He tapped on the door with his knuckles again and again. “Drea? It’s me.” “Go away, Gawain. I don’t want to see you ever again. If you want to see Wallace, make arrangements with Nan.” “What are you talking about? Drea, this is madness. You’re joking, right?” “I said GO AWAY!” She was not joking. Then it struck Gawain that Drea must have seen Helena kissing him right outside of her window, and it must have looked horrid. “Sarding son of a…” Gawain muttered under his breath. “Drea, it’s not what you think. Please let me in to explain.” “Get out of here before I scream for help!” Gawain stood firm. So what if his fellow knights dragged him off and he had to spend a day or two in the dungeons? It wouldn’t be the first time. Besides, he would not walk away without putting up a fight. He had to make Drea see reason. “Drea, Helena’s an old friend. She didn’t realize you and I are together. Didn’t you see me push her away?” There was total silence behind the door, which increased Gawain’s panic. Drea was serious about not letting him in. How would he convince her he’d done nothing wrong? “I’ll fetch Helena,” he said, “have her explain.” “GET AWAY FROM ME, GAWAIN!” Drea’s shriek garnered the attention of passersby. They
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