The Strategies Of Australian And Chinese Government Use Reduce Incidence Of Domestic Violence

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1. INTRODUCTION: The report is focused on the strategies of Australian and Chinese government use to reduce the incidence of domestic violence. 1.1 Aim To investigate and learn about the strategies of Australian and Chinese government use to reduce the incidence of domestic violence. 1.2 Parameters To research the background and current actions of domestic violence in Australia and China. 1.3 Definitions Domestic violence is one of the acts of violence which occurs between person who with another person in an intimate relationship, such as physical, emotional, psychological abuse and sexual (Morgan 2009). Males violence against females and children are the most commonly in domestic violence. However, also has possibility…show more content…
2.1 Global Context Papua New Guinea is the country which has highest occurrence rate of domestic violence. In Papua New Guinea, there are 2/3 of women and 3/4 of children suffered domestic violence (Lytton 2015). In the world, the most domestic violence against females, it is particularly violence on intimate partner and violence on sex. The most important is that domestic violence will result in hurting the health of the person and violating human rights of women. There are 35% of worldwide females and 41% to 61% Asian females have experiences of physical and sexual partner violence or sexual violence with non-partner in their life. These rates are higher than the rates in a national study reported by 21.3% Whites, 26.3% African, 21.2% Americans Hispanics of any race and 27% mixed race people (IVAWS 2002). 2.2 Australia International Violence Against Women Survey reported that from December 2002 to July 2003, there were 6,677 females who were 18 to 69 years old interviewed in the survey provided information on experiences violence of physical and sexual (Murray 2004). There are 34 percent women since the age of 16 who had intimate partner who either a current or former even include boyfriends, experienced at least one from violence. In these people, there are 31% women have experienced physical violence from their current or former intimate partner and 12% women suffered sexual violence from a partner during their lifetime.
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