Strive For Perfection Essay

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The Strive for Perfection
We live in a world that the attempt to be normal is inevitable, if you have a disability; you are told you can’t do most things, if you look different than the majority you get discriminated. Deafness is viewed as a disability that needs to be fixed, due to a hearing society where hearing is the norm. Deafness is at a threat for extinction, due to the push to “fix” it. Sometime in the near future with genetic testing targeting to remove the deaf gene, could inversely cause the extinction of not only Deafness, but American Sign Language as well as the Deaf community. Therefore, the attempt to be normal threatens Deaf communities.
The term normal is created by our society. According to Lennard Davis, “The idea of …show more content…

Normalcy affects our everyday life; there is a need of comparison, a desire to match the normal distribution. Normalcy is also shown in schools and the moment a child is born, “Our children are ranked in school and tested to determine where they fit into a normal curve of learning, of intelligence. Doctors measure and weigh them to see if they are above or below average on the height and weight curves” (Davis 3). The moment a child is born, they are weighed, measured, and preceded to go through tests to determine how healthy or how “normal” they are. Normalcy has been enforced the moment a person is born to the day that they die. In other terms the ideal body, which society has constructed, enforces normalcy. In a societal standpoint normal does not include Deaf people. They are considered to be abnormal and disabled, but in contrast, individuals who are Deaf are anything but disabled, it is a societal disability. If every human were born with the inability to hear, being hearing would be considered a disability. The hard reality that many hearing individuals have a difficult time understanding is that individuals who are born deaf are only unable to hear, they can do everything that a “normal” hearing person is capable of doing. According to Lennard Davis, “The disability theory suggests that people with disabilities are not disabled by their impairments, but that the society surrounding them creates the disability with it denies or

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