The Strong Emotions Of King Creon

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The character King Creon has some strong emotions to be shown out. The three emotions/traits that sticked out the most were his determination, his will to accept his mistakes, and his stubbornness. This will show how his emotions stuck out for me.
King Creon has some big determination for being a king. The places where his determination has stuck out the most in the whole story is in the places where antigone disobeys his decree. He gets so determined when it comes to person he called a traitor get honored by the a one of the people he had betrayed. King Creon goes on to ignore everything to get the person to justice for doing what he believed was wrong. He says he will do for what is good for the state. He goes on to say that no friend will
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Creon accepts his mistakes when he knows he losing everything that he has been telling the people he will protect. On page 64, He ask the priest what he must do and the priest says “Go quickly: free Antigone from her vault and build a tomb for the body of Polyneices.”. Then on page 65, Creon says that “It is hard to deny the heart! But i will do it: I will not fight with destiny”. This shows that Creon is finally accepting his mistake because it is hurting the way of his ruling for the country. Not many people accept their mistakes of their actions but for Creon he had to because he was fearing the end of his ruling. On page 67 All of Creon’s actions that he had caused are going downhill and he says that “Nothing you say can touch me anymore. My own blind heart has brought me from darkness to final darkness. Here you see the father murdering, the murdered son--And all my civic wisdom!”. This is showing that he has no other option but accept his mistakes and move on. The mistakes he had done only left him with one option which was accepting the things that had done wrong. On page 68 Creon goes on to say “It is right that it should be. I alone am guilty. I know it, and I say it.”. This where he accepts his mistakes because he knows that he could have prevented everything by just letting one thing go. All the Mistake that Creon had done were only leaving him with less and less options for escaping the problem. With letting that one thing go Creon could have gone to be a great
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