The Struggle For Political Balance

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Delaney Reed Mrs. Barcroft AP Government 9 October 2015 The Struggle for Political Balance Americans were known as a pioneering people who would struggle and fight to build for themselves. A people who pushed the entire world into a new era and has continued to push the limits of technology, military, and culture. After Britain finally surrendered the colonies to the American citizens a new republican experiment was conducted. One that is still going on to this very day and every citizen of America is a part of this grand experiment. The British Colonies were independent from one another before the American Revolution, but a shared enemy began a strong bond between the states. After things settled down the states were allied with one another in a form of confederation and then finally under the Constitution as a united republic nation. There were those who were not completely for a strong central government and favored the confederate style, but there were also those who found comfort and strength in a centralized federal government. This federalist versus anti-federalist debate has continued throughout all of American history each side with its strengths and weaknesses. The development of the debate and increase in federalism in American government can be highlighted by the doctrine of implied powers, commerce clause, the American Civil War, and the struggle for civil rights. Chief Justice Marshall was a pioneer for setting government precedents and advocated for a

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