The Struggle For Self Occeptance In Boys And Girls By Alice Munro

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Every individual struggle with self-acceptance at some point in their life, furthermore, every individual chooses to exemplify their struggle to accept themselves in different methods. In the short story “Boys and Girls” Alice Munro focuses on the narration of a girl, in which girls are underappreciated in the society. The protagonist in the story cannot accept who she is, and it makes it harder for her as other individuals do not accept who she wishes to be. The author demonstrates this through the character’s external motivations. As the story is written in third person limited readers understand the girl’s personal thoughts and how she is internally conflicted about who she is. She feels underappreciated for the work that she provides which influences her to be disobedient to others around her. Alice Munroe’s short story “Boys and Girls” demonstrates to readers that individuals struggle for self-acceptance through the expression of their external and internal motivations. Because of their motivations, individuals feel rebellious against their self-conscience.
Many individuals feel influenced from their relatives or friends to act and be a certain way to be accepted in their society, this causes them to react and respond in a certain way. In the short story “Boys and Girls”, the protagonist struggles to gain self-acceptance because of other people around her influencing the ways in which she should live. The girl much prefers to work outside with her dad as she finds the

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