The Struggles and Benefits of Being a Native American

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First Video: Being Native American: the struggles and the benefits The video presented the interview of many young Native Americans about their struggles and the benefits of being Native Americans. All of the young Native Americans in the interview love and are proud of their cultures. They all went and lived in schools that were outside the communities to get higher education. However, when they came back to their own communities, they had hard times to adapt to their own original cultures (Native Americans). When they got back, some of them didn’t want to speak Native Americans lauguage anymore and some forgot about their own cultures. Therefore, many of Native Americans in communities pick on them that they tried to be white people or show off. This group of young Native Americans would like other people to respect and accept them the way they are. Second Video: Resilient Culture: Native Americans at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln There were 266 Native American students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and the total of students was 24,000 including other races. The Native Americans were severely unrepresented at UNL and this created problems for Native American students. They didn’t have enough people to form their own communities and several non-Native American students didn’t understand or know the Native American students. Most of non-Native Americans students had

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