The Struggling Attempts of the Government and Police Essay examples

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The Struggling Attempts of the Government and Police For America Prohibition has been a struggle for her citizens with violence, police, and outraged citizens. Although prohibition has been considered a bad decision on the governments part, many great things have come out of it in which will be explained thoroughly and from both points of view. In 1920 January 26 at midnight the drinking, transporting, distribution, and consumption of alcohol came to a stop. At that time the 18th amendment was put into effect. In the eyes of the government it was at first a way to stop the criminal activity, but in reality it just made things worse for local police. The 18th amendment was known by multiple names partially due to its author, Andrew J. …show more content…

People began to race on the weekends as well as souping up their cars for enjoyment. By the time prohibition ended in 1933, racing had become very popular. In 1944, NASCAR was created and more people joined in on the practice of souping up their cars. The Attempts of the Big Man Instead of getting ride of criminal activity in the US with this Amendment, crime had arose to great proportions. In the first few hours of the Amendment there had been thousands of liquor store robbings. For the first time federal agents had been arrested for alcohol distribution. Even physicians began to give out phony prescriptions for the need of alcohol. After this was visible to the government they eventually allowed for the distribution of non-poisoned alcohol or simply non-alcoholic alcohol which was still not what the people wanted. Scar Face Prohibition was also a time where one of the most notorious gangsters known in America. Alfonso Capone or also known as Scar Face became very wealthy and powerful on prohibition. He was a very proud citizen of America who often said, “I am not Italian, I was born and raised in Brooklyn. He went to school with Salvatore Lucania who eventually became known as Lucky Luciano. At about the age of fourteen Capone and Lucania dropped out of school after Capone struck a teacher. After they dropped out they joined the gang known as the Five Pointers. They eventually went to

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