The Substance of Life

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I think that overall life is a grand mystery where we all at some point wish to find our purpose and meaning of life. I believe the substance of life is spiritual for most people but I’m somewhat indecisive. It is kind of hard to determine if I believe in God because it is what was taught, or do I believe in a higher spiritual being to cope with life. Belief in a God is common and different religions praise different forms of God. God is frequently called the ultimate judge, with equal attributes to supernatural powers. This creates a debate in those that are judgmental. It allows developing behavior to be based on new principles of right and wrong. Behavior that deviates might otherwise be blocked out by the sensibilities that the…show more content…
I try notice key word “try” to live my life like any day could be the last because change and death can strike anyone at anytime. I think everyone should live this way but not in a reckless, carefree manner. Just live and be mindful that life is fragile and that should change your outlook on things. Privilege seems to be invisible, so I understand how I often take things for granted. When bad things happen that interrupt what’s normal for us, we just want things to go back to how they were. Situations like these make me look at how I should live my life and about what is important. Things that may have bothered me before then seem to be minute or very petty. This allows me to focus on the important things and putting them into perspective. It helps me prioritize and focus on bettering myself, kind of a reminder to do some soul searching. The common saying “I was born alone and will die alone” is a true statement but what matters most is what I do while I’m alive. I believe that if I focus on my purpose it will help me see people in their true form, flaws and all. It’s much simpler to accept someone as they really are so that you will not be disappointed in knowing they can’t complete you. It will also help me become a better person and discover for myself possibly what my ultimate purpose is. In thinking this way I sometimes feel that nothing really
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