The Success of Wemmick in Great Expectations Essay

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The Success of Wemmick in Great Expectations

Wemmick provides a complicated, yet interesting separation of his home life and work life. His home and work lives are as different in physical appearances as they are in personality differences. Many of his home habits allow him to express his care and decency, which contrasts with his mechanical work which lacks good value. Wemmick dedicates himself to separating the two so that he may keep his virtues intact while he works in the filth of Newgate. Wemmick is alone in his success of separation when compared to others such as Jaggers and Pip. Such dedication to keeping good values alive gives Wemmick so much integrity that he immediately becomes a favorite character.

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By applying his skills to working on the castle, Wemmick purges himself of the filth of Newgate and restores his virtue. One last expression of Wemmick's happiness is "portable property". Although it can be connected to the office, at home he creates a hobby of it, with odds and ends that he shows to Pip. Hobbies are considered symbols of happiness. The castle not only keeps out the world, but it also gives a means of expressing emotion by providing a canvass for Wemmick to create his contraptions and work on the castle.

Wemmick's treatment of people is also completely different in Walworth. When firing the cannon Wemmick tells Pip "it's the Aged's treat"(229). Also, in regards to the fountain, Wemmick says that it pleases the Aged. Keeping the Aged happy is one of Wemmick's sources of goodness. Again, when nodding at the Aged during Pip's introduction he asks, "will you tip him one more? You can't think how it pleases him"(230). Lastly, Wemmick offers no apology for letting the Aged read aloud "for he isn't capable of many pleasures - are you, Aged P?"(315). Wemmick indulges the Aged any way he can to bring him happiness. In the office happiness is a stranger. Next, Wemmick decides to help Herbert get a business partner. At first he says, "that's not my trade"(314), yet when Pip reminds him that he is not in his trading-place, Wemmick agrees. This points out Wemmick's dedication to complete separation of home and work life. He offers to go out of
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