The Sui Dynasty: The Tang Dynasty

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The Sui Dynasty was in control of the empire from 581-617 C.E. They only had 36 years of being in control which is not long at all comparing to other dynasties. The Sui Dynasty was before the Tang Dynasty. The Sui had three emperors before losing control of the empire. Sui Wendi (Yang Jian) Sui Wendi was the father-in-law of the last emperor of Northern Zhou; After the emperor died, Sui seized the throne for himself and established the Sui Dynasty. Sui Yangdi
(Yang Guang) was the second emperor of the Sui Dynasty. The reason Sui Yangdi got to be emperor is because he is the second son of Sui Wendi. The last emperor, Sui Gongdi
(Yang You), only was the emperor for one year before losing it to the Tang Dynasty. Sui Dynasty accomplished another …show more content…

He discovered that he actually needed to travel to India to truly find out the “right” way to worship. As he sets off to his journey he had some problems going to India. Banditry and disruption outside the main core areas of china, the government which was the Tang, forbade commoners to travel to the West. To make sure people couldn’t make it to the West he emperor setted up towers. At first Xuanzang had someone help him find his way to India, but later in the journey that person ditch Xuanzang. Xuanzang had no idea where to go from there because he never been to India before. At this time the journey to India took a long time. Xuanzang was doing pretty well at not getting caught until he made it to the 5th tower. The guard disobey the emperor orders and let Xuanzang go. Xuanzang made it passed one more tower until reaching tower 7 where the King had caught him. It seemed like the King did not treat Xuanzang like a prisoner. It actually seems like the emperor actually worshiped Xuanzang for his knowledge of Buddhism. Xuanzang founded out that the only way to actually hurt the emperor was to not accept his food. The emperor realized that he should let Xuanzang go on in his journey to the West. He actually supported him by giving him some silk and helpers for the trip to the West. Xuanzang made …show more content…

The “Domesticating Chinese Buddhism” talks about the Sui and Tang Dynasty. “The Harmonization of Diversity” talks more about the Han Dynasty. Buddhism was not very popular during the times of the Han Dynasty. Xuanzang life was during the Tang Dynasty, which was a big time for Buddhism. “China had become a thoroughly Buddhist land”. (Holcombe, P. 100) Xuanzang had lived in some monasteries that is talked about in the “Domesticating Chinese Buddhism”. In the section of “Domesticating Chinese Buddhism” , it talks about how Xuanzang went on a seventeen-year journey to India. I found this out on Page 102. “THe Harmonization of Diversity” does talk about Buddhism but does not say much of

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