The Summation Of Stress Occurrences Essay

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Stress at work typically is not felt from a single occurrence. The summation of stress occurrences lead to stressors. Stressors are defined as an event or context that elevates levels of adrenaline forcing a physical or mental response. There typically is a "straw that broke the camels back" philosophy that builds negative stress (Bauer and Erdogan page 138). Furthermore, our world is rapidly changing. The world becoming a global economy, rapidly changing technology, and increased competition between business is changing roles and expectations. Negative stress is often the result of a combination of undefined roles, rapidly changing technology, group, family, and social influences. As the global economy, technology, and business competition increase, our roles and expectations are rapidly changing and evolving to accommodate these needs. Many changes have been beneficial. Changes like these also have brought unintended consequences. More than ever companies need to deliver goods are services leaner, have competitive advantage, and cheaper. This need can blur the lines expectations and accountabilities. This can build into unclear expectations which can grow role ambiguity. Having unclear defined expectations leads to who is accountable for what role. This can grow role conflict. Having unclear expectations can lead to role overload. Role overload is defined as having not enough time and resources to fulfill a given task. For the most part, people what to

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