The Sun As A Medium Sized Star Measuring The Earth

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A’rianna Duval
Mrs. Kent
English 8th
2 February 2015
The Sun
The sun is actually a star just like the stars that shine throughout the night. The sun is a medium-sized star measuring 864,948mi (1,392,000km) across--100 times the diameter of the earth (Farndon 47). The core, the convection zone, and the photosphere are four main layers of the sun. The core makes energy from hydrogen for the world’s sight (Elvis 12). About 99 percent of the energy generated by the sun through nuclear fusion is produced in its core (Koehler 14). Photons transport energy generated in the sun’s core. This movement from the sun’s core is not instant, in fact, it can take up to 150,000 years for energy to reach the photosphere. From the photosphere, energy generated in the core streams into the sun’s atmosphere and out into space. This energy that lights and heats the earth (14).
The secret of the sun’s power lies in its center, or core. Core temperatures reach more than 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (in Celsius it reaches up to 15 million degrees). The plasma is about 150 times denser than water (Koehler 14). Under a massive amount of pressure heat and burning happens (Jefferis 10). During the heat and burning process, particles of hydrogen join together, or fuse to make hydrogen. While this is happening, energy is being given off. It is this power that provides the sun’s heat and light. Further out, the core heats layers of gas in the convection zone. Last, energy reaches the surface of the sun

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