The Sun King Louis Xiv as the Epitome of Absolute Monarchy

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The Idea of an Absolute Monarchy began to spread throughout Europe in the 17th century. Although absolution eventually occurred throughout Europe, its origins is accredited to France during the reign of Louis XIV. It was works such as ‘Leviathan’ by Thomas Hobbes, that advocated an authoritarian monarchy, that helped the establishment of this movement. In his theory, “ The war of all against all ( bellum omniun contra omnes) could only be averted by strong centralized government. It was this desire for centralized power that motivated Louis XIV, making him one of the most influential absolute monarch in history. He embodied the true notion of what being an absolute leader meant, by bestowing sovereign power onto himself, self proclaiming…show more content…
This was a serge of art and music since many composer were supported by the King. Through these forms, Louis was able to dignify and refine the culture of France. One of the most famous attempts to do this was through the constructed of Chateau De Versailles or The Palace of Versailles. This architectural wonder is still deeply apart of Frances Culture, which emphasized the Impact of Louis XIV reign. This was a lavish project that accentuated the absolute power of Louis XIV onto his subjects and the other European countries. Since the Palace was located in the suburbs, It help distance the King from the Nobility. This furthermore increased to the power of the King. As you can seen, Louis XIV was a very influential man and a key stone in French History. The legacy of his absolute monarchy is still know and seen today. His presence has even found its way to our present day lives through various song dedicated to him. Although he has already died, his legacy will live on. He will always be remembered by his wise minister appointments, french cultural spread, massive army base and architectural masterpiece. His influence as an absolute monarch is unmatched.

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