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The November sun had long arisen when she arrived. A small bell chimed, alerting the shop owner of his new customer. Sophie entered observing as golden beams of light trickled through the open windows, illuminating the abundant records, and the lazy golden retriever who lay sprawled upon the floor. She shook off the chill of fall, and in turn breathed in the scent of freshly brewed coffee and old records. After ordering coffee for two, she proceeded to step gingerly across the tiled floor, and claim her place on the high top next to the window.
She looked like autumn; all fair skin and soft eyes, with long waves of strawberry blonde hair spilling down her back. Her eyes were fixated outside the window while she waited for him. There was …show more content…

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Her coffee was still hot. She could feel the warmth against her fingertips as she lifted it to her lips. Outside it had begun to rain, each drop splattering against the glass as she sat in her daze staring at the street. Moments later, a young man dashed inside, his face flushed from the bitter chill. Scanning the filled tables, his face lit up when he spotted her. She barely heard his voice as he sat down at the table, pulling her back to reality.
“Sophie! Hi, sorry I’m late,” He said breathless, sliding into the seat beside her, “Damn car wouldn’t start. That’s the third time this week.”
“Maybe it’s finally time to trade in.” She laughed.
“No way! Ruby’s family. That car has been through hell and back for me. ”
“That must have been quite the journey.”
“Oh trust me, it was.” He smirked at her, “But anyways, what’s going on? Are you feeling okay? You sounded pretty anxious on the phone.” For a moment she was silent. Wrapping her fingers around the handle of the mug, feeling the warmth rush through her fingertips once more.
“Well,” she paused after taking a sip, “I got accepted to New York University.”
“No way! When did you find out?”
“That’s the one. In all honesty, I completely forgot that I applied, I didn’t even think they’d glance at my application, let alone accept me into their design program.”
“When do classes start?”

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