The Supreme Court Justices Should Be Elected By The People

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The United States Supreme Court Justices have been appointed by the president, with consent from the Senate, since the ratification of the constitution. Though the justices have been appointed for life terms for the past hundreds of years, they should only be appointed for fixed amount of time. With a fixed tenure, the justices would be less likely to become corrupt and their decision making would be kept true when they were appointed. The electorates control over the judicial branch of government does not violate the principle of separation of powers, instead it does enhance the Checks and Balances system. The Founding Fathers of America set in place many of the laws and practices
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Therefore, the president is said to be the only one with the ability to determine who is best fit to be in offices in the Constitution. Being appointed for life was deemed necessary by the Founding Fathers as well, because they felt that the judges would need an extensive amount of time, such as a life term, to follow the constitution. “That inflexible and uniform adherence to the rights of the Constitution, and of individuals, which we perceive to be indispensable in the courts of justice, can certainly not be expected from judges who hold their offices by a temporary commission. Periodical appointments, however regulated, or by whomsoever made, would, in some way or other, be fatal to their necessary independence.” Times have changed, the general needs to have the right to appoint the Supreme Court justices should be left to the citizens of the country, not the president. The citizens of America should have the right to choose those that will interpret the Constitution and make new policies that will affect everyone in the country through court cases during their term on the bench. Those who serve on the federal judiciary bench need to be responsible for their actions and therefor, need to answer to the citizens that would elect them.
The Supreme Court justices have been appointed by the president of the United States and have held life tenures granted to them, but this needs to change to ensure that the wellbeing of the
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