The Sword Is Far Too Large For A Boy Of Six Essay

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Percival waited until late in the afternoon to visit Rion, allowing the boy plenty of time to clean up, collect himself, and hopefully feel less humiliated by the goings-on that had occurred earlier that morning.

In his haste to run away, Rion had left his sword on the castle training field. As Percival strode down to the boy 's cottage, he examined the weapon. The blade wasn 't bad, a little pitted and dull, perhaps, and the balance wasn 't perfect, but it was a serviceable weapon, adequate to defend one 's property and livestock. However, the sword was far too large for a boy of six. Boys of that age needed to start out with smaller, wooden weapons until they became surer of their footing and their coordination improved. Percival planned to tell Rion 's mother to keep the sword far away from the child for at least the next few years.

Percival recalled Rion 's home sat at the end of Main Road, shielded from the sun by several ancient oak trees. He approached the small cottage and smiled. This would be a pleasant place to grow up, one where a boy might climb the towering trees and look out across the Lower Town, or rest in the shade after a hard morning of chores and playing. But without a father, the pain of loss would always linger in the background.

Percival paused beneath the tree shade for a moment and took in the home 's appearance. Someone had taken their time to build the structure. The wattle-and-daub home was small, but carefully built with clean, even lines and

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