The Symbol of the Tower of London

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Ever since its creation by Gundolf in 1078, the Tower of London has served many purposes. Whether it was a royal residence or prison and torture chamber, most importantly, it has been a significant symbol and monument of English history and architecture. A small, modest building, many tourists are surprised to see the Tower of London, as it is not the magnificent, tall tower they were expecting. For some years, the Tower of London was used as a royal residence where monarchs would stay for a night before departing to continue their journey the next day. More interestingly, it was used as a prison, torture chamber, and execution grounds.
Although, from the outside, the Tower of London is not very lavish when compared with the majestic, grand, and intricate buildings in England, it was once a desired place for royals to stay - whether for one night or longer. During the time it was used as a royal residence, it was referred to as The White Tower, and was quite an alluring place. The Tower of London (or The White Tower) consisted of several buildings surrounded by a wall and mote. Later on after the construction was completed, Richard the Lionheart, Edward I, and Henry VIII enlarged the complex.
Colorful, pretty, and comfortable, the Tower of London during its time as a royal residence contained more than just stone buildings - it was a center of life. Bustling servants, tradesmen, and court attendants would hurry around the lively tower, going in and out of the huge kitchen,
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