The System: You Can´t Trust It Essay

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The System: “You can’t trust it, man” They want you to conform. Who? Society, government, the system. While the power of authority and social conduct is a strong force, it is not always a benevolent one. For thousands of years people have questioned the ways of authority. These heroes have taken down the establishment, or the elite power holders, and made the world a fairer place in which to live. A common belief is that when the establishment, authority, or the system gains too much power, they need to be removed. This “system” that we all live in is a multidimensional vortex of misunderstanding and oppression. Challenging the system is not a battle that stands alone in the list of fights to be fought. The challenge is similar in…show more content…
Taking down the system shows its face in revolutions. In the American Revolution, around 1776, the Americans thought they were being oppressed by their mother country and authority. Great Britain taxed the colonies without consent which catalyzed tensions between the mother country and her colonies. Consequently, the colonies revolted and sought their independence. Because they were able to claim independence, they could create their own national ideals and promote their own interests. This questioning of authority shows the questioning of old ideas of hoary authority led to social progress for a revitalized group of people. After the Renaissance, science forged many new discoveries and began to question some outdated ideals of religion such as the shape of the earth and it revolved around the sun. Scientists who discovered new planetary relations, such as Galileo, who made monumental advances in science in his time, questioned the authority that was the Catholic Church. Because they questioned authority they were killed for heresy and blasphemy. However, if they had not questioned the authority for what they believed in our knowledge of science would be have changed colossally. In more modern times, the fight against the system stays relevant. In the mid-20th century, many people felt as if they were being challenged by the system to conform to society. The system was personified as “Man.” “The Man” could be
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