The Tahltan Nation: Past And Present

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The Tahltan Nation: Past and Present
A Brief Look at the Tahltan Culture The Tahltan Nation consists of approximately 5000 members, with around 1,500 members choosing to live within their traditional territory (Davis, 2011, p. 26) in the communities of Iskut, Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek (fig. 1). In a territory rich in resources, Tahltan First Nations have lived in relationship with the land since “time immemorial” (Davis, 2011, p. 21). In the movie, Koneline – Our Land Beautiful, Oscar Dennis explained that the letter K is a personal pronoun for land, indicating that the land has personality. “Dena nenn Sogga neh ‘ine” or “Protectors or Keepers of the Land” is a phrase that both elders and band councils have used to describe their connection …show more content…

Matrilineal in nature, the “crests and inheritance are passed down through the mother” (Talhtan Central Government, n.d.). Chiefdoms were inherited; however, a direct matrilineal descendant could be passed over for a person with higher prestige as “status was based on personal character and skills; wealth was a sign of competence” (Albright, 1984, p. 12). Intermarriage was only allowed between the two clans (Tahltan Tribe, 2013). Today, marriage is occurring within between members of the same clan and, while frowned upon by Tahltan elders, is no longer a social taboo (Lawley, …show more content…

The 100- year celebration of the Tahltan Declaration occurred in 2010 and a statue of Nanok was revealed (see figure 2).
Government Today
There are two bands offices within the Tahltan Nation today: the Iskut Band Council and the Tahltan Band Council, which provides service to both Telegraph Creek and Dease Lake. In 1976, the first annual gathering of the Tahltan People resulted in the formation of the Association of United Tahltans which was renamed the Tahltan Tribal Council (TTC) in 1985 (Talhtan Central Government, n.d.). The TTC lost the support of the bands in 1990 and was inactive from 1998-2001. Reinstated during 2001-2002, the TTC was rebranded as the Tahltan Central Council (TCC) (Talhtan Central Government, n.d.). The purpose of the TCC is
Culture Revitalization

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