The Talent Code Persuasive Analysis

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What is it mean, to have greatness? Greatness is a word, that people use to describe someone or something over a period of time to be the best in the world. But we ask ourselves how do we cultivate expertise to achieve greatness? In the book, “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle and Kobe Bryant documentary “Muse” expressed how deep practice and how failing can make you achieve greatness and cultivate expertise. Throughout their arguments, they both express uses and limits of their arguments on how is expertise is developed and cultivating greatness. In the book, “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, he theorized that deep practice can bring you to the sweet spot, which can make learning stick. According to Mr. Coyle, “deep practice is a way of attentive practicing which closely resembles deliberate practice.” This is basically practicing when you are truly an expert in your craft. One example that Mr. Coyle used to express that idea is a boy named Brunio trying to practice a move called elastico . According to the the story, “The Talent Book” it states “The first time we watch Brunio try the move he fails, then stops and thinks…..Then something clicks, he started nailing the move.”(13) This is a perfect example of deep practice, because Brunio was practicing the move and when he fails he would stop and think of how he should perform the move.. He would keep trying until it clicked and started performing the move. This is deep practice, stopping and thinking, this is how

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