The Taliban 's War Against Women

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The Taliban emerged through promising of peace for the people following the decade long war with the Soviet Union (McNamara). This group gradually spread throughout Afghanistan, as militias readily surrendered the areas they were controlling (Rashid). As an Islamic Fundamentalist group, the Taliban formed the Islamic Empire of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 (“Taliban”). While in power, the Taliban imposed strict Sharia law (Islamic Law) on its people, which included: public executions, the violation of fundamental human rights, forbidding girls from attending school and forbidding women from working outside the home (“The Taliban’s War Against Women”). Further, the Taliban refused to extradite Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, who was accused of organizing terrorist attacks against Western interests (“Taliban”). As a result, following the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in September 2001, the Taliban was driven from power due to an American led invasion of Afghanistan (“Taliban”).

The Bonn Agreement

Following the US invasion, the Bonn Agreement was passed in December 2001 (“Agreement on Provisional Arrangements in Afghanistan”). This agreement was intended to provide a transition period as Afghanistan attempted to recover from the atrocities committed by the Taliban, and make its way from a failed to functioning state (“Agreement”). Hamid Karzai served as the chairman of this transitional government (“Agreement”). The Bonn Agreement planned a series of
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