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  • Tsarism In Afghanistan

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    comprises today’s Afghanistan was the frontier zone of competing empires, namely, Moghuls and Saffavids from the sixteenth to seventeenth centuries. Persia and the subcontinent enjoyed two centuries of stability and prosperity, but their frontier zone (Afghanistan) was a bone of contention. With the downfall of the Moghul and Saffavid Empires, Afghanistan became a torn political entity between Sikh Empire, Persia and the Emirate of Bukhara in the early nineteenth century. Afghanistan, then became the

  • Women in Afghanistan

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    abused to stay strong and never lose hope (Phillip Caulfield.2013). This is just one of the many common punishments Afghan women receive. Mohammadzai is proof that still in today’s society women in Afghanistan are still suffering with extreme punishments. The life expectancy for a woman in Afghanistan is 44, one of the lowest in the world (Life as an Afghan Women.2013). Throughout the years, women have been forced to live in fear because of the way they have been treated. The consequences of punishments

  • Women in Afghanistan

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    Researching the Women in Afghanistan has informed me about the many different aspects that have shaped these women into who they are today. They have survived through incredibly harsh periods when education for women was illegal and when being out in public without a male accompaniment was a punishable act as well. Not only have the women of Afghanistan survived through these terrible times, but they never seemed to give up home schooling girls in their homes and searching for a way to better their

  • Struggles on Afghanistan

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    Afghanistan is a poor, landlocked country located in Central Asia. The country is quite small, with barely any water close by. With barely a 5th of the US’ GDP, Afghanistan is a underdeveloped country with little to no sanitation. Having about 6 million people with no access or poor welfare, the country has a low population along with low life expectancy. This underdeveloped, desolate, war torn country has a long continuing history. Being the 41st largest country in the world, the country’s area

  • Power In Afghanistan

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    Originally Afghanistan was led by the Shah Monarchy elitism and the economy was stable. Until the Soviets took over although not all the contributions to Afghanistan were bad most did not help the circumstances. The instability of the political system and society in general was caused by the medaling of the Russians and other countries. When the Russians invaded and eliminated the people in power it caused rebel groups to form. One of the rebel groups were the Taliban. Many people that were in the

  • Afghanistan 's Geography : Afghanistan

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    Afghanistan’s Geography: Afghanistan is a country that is rich in history and war. Going back to early human civilization, many empires resided in this country. This country’s history is so vast some experts say that the relics and artifacts are just a grand as the artifacts from Egypt. “Lying along important trade routes connecting southern and eastern Asia to Europe and the Middle East, Afghanistan has long been a prize sought by empire builders, and for millennia great armies have attempted to

  • A Role For India In Afghanistan

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    for India India has its relevance in Afghanistan. India has done a tremendous goodwill and good relationship among the local population of Afghanistan. But India should not be mistaken that good will here can be Illusion and must not be permanently under stable that the general view of India in Afghanistan is very positive. The concern for India is that Islamic radicalisation in their neighbouring countries is very serious issue and India's presence in Afghanistan must be stabalised if there were no

  • A Broad Look at Afghanistan

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    Afghanistan is a very mineral rich nation, which include gold, coal deposits, silver, lapis, natural gases, salt, iron ore uranium, zinc, chrome, sulfur, oils and rubies. Minerals are not the only resource of the country; they cultivate many food products as well. “Major sources of cash income are cotton, sugar beets, sugar cane, wool, and par excellence karakul skins” (Wilber Pg. 224). Now transitioning from the countries resources there are some surprising aspects of Afghanistan that are

  • Climate And Weather Of Afghanistan

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    Climate The country of Afghanistan normally experiences extreme climate and weather. Typical of a semi-arid steppe climate, the winters are bitterly cold, with heavy snow in the mountains, and summers are hot and dry. In the month of July, temperatures can reach 124 degrees in exposed areas of the southwest. In the month January, temperatures may drop as low as -51 degrees in the highest mountain areas. Some regional variations do exist; the northeast mountain regions enjoy a sub-arctic climate

  • The Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan

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    The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is located in south and central Asia. Its geographic coordinates are 33 00 N, 65 00 E. Afghanistan’s neighboring countries include India, Pakistan, Iran and, China ( Afghanistan has 647,500 square kilometers of area and since it is surrounded by land, it has no water area. Afghanistan is a relatively small country. For example, it is roughly the size of Texas. Afghanistan has cold winters and hot summers. The warm season begins in May and ends in