Essay on The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

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The Taming of the Shrew, written by William Shakespeare, is historical proof that flirting and temptation, relating to the opposite sex, has been around since the earliest of times. Because males and females continue to interact, the complications in this play remain as relevant and humorous today as they did to Elizabethan audiences. This is a very fun play, full of comedy and sexual remarks. It's lasting impression imprints itself into the minds of its readers, for it is an unforgettable story of sex, flirting, and happiness. The Taming of the Shrew remains as relevant today because of its relation to the age-old story of the battle of the sexes and dynamics of marriage, as well as the woman's struggle with both of these. …show more content…

Ironically, they prove to be perfect for one another. Though Katharina seems heartless and unemotional, her one true fear is losing Petruchio. " It is surely worth remarking that Kate has only one true moment of agony, when Petruchio's deliberately tardy arrival for their wedding makes her feel jilted" (Bloom 30-31). Their mutual roughness seems to be their way of flirtation. Though Katharina feels that Petruchio is "a mad rudesby full of spleen," she realizes that she is truly in love and is lucky to have any husband at all, and will not, as the villagers say, "lead apes to hell" (Draper 95). The ironic counterpoint of their relationship is that while Katharina is easily tamed, Bianca, who needs no taming, is difficult for Lucentio to tolerate.

"Kate the curst" and "lusty wench" are just few of the many names used by the villagers to describe Katharina (Draper 93). Her sarcastic attitude and violent temper ruin all of her ladylike qualities. In order to tame her, Petruchio must act in the same manner in which Katharina acts. "Their war begins as mutual sexual provocation, which, after marriage, is replaced with childish tantrums" (Bloom 29). Petruchio plans to deprive her of what she is accompanied to, such as sleep and food; he does this in such a cunning manner in which she cannot possibly be mean to him, for he is acting the way in which she acts. Petruchio counterpoises his method of fighting fire with fire by constant praise of those

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