The Techniques Used On Brazilian Athletes At The 2004 Olympic Games Essay

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On the biggest stages, athletes cannot avoid feeling some stress and anxiety. Even some of the greats in their sport still struggle with nerves. For instance, Lionel Messi is known to vomit on occasion before or during games, as he did in the 2014 World Cup final against Germany. A majority of successful athletes have had their resilience and composure cited as reasons for their victories, and certainly, one cannot overlook an athlete who goes out there and executes under immense pressure like a gymnast executing a flawless routine on the balance beam. On the flip side, many an athlete has had hopes and dreams dashed by not being able to handle the pressure and collapsing down the stretch. So how does sport psychology help to limit anxiety and increase performance? Well, there are a handful of techniques and interventions that can be used, and an article (Samulski & Lopes, 2008) was written on some of the techniques used on Brazilian athletes at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens. There were a total of 10 sport psychologists available for the 242 Brazilian athletes. Some of the sports in which the athletes were counseled included judo, tae-kwon-do, wrestling, swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, sailing, triathlon, mountain biking, track and field, marathon, table tennis, and shooting. This is not a comprehensive list, but it shows a wide variety of settings that anxiety reduction techniques can be applied in. Some of the specific intervention strategies used were deep

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