Women And Women Experience Stress And Anxiety

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Men and women experience stress and anxiety in many different ways in everyday life and in their respective sport. Anxiety is described as, “a negative response to a stimulus that includes both physiological (somatic) and psychological (cognitive) components”, while stress is described as, “a substantial imbalance between demand and response capability, under conditions where failure to meet the demand has important consequences” (Weinberg & Gould, 2011, p. 20). Taking a look into what are some of those differences and why they effect women and men differently is a key aspect of this review. This literature review examines relevant studies in the psychological field by reviewing the empirical studies conducted on the relationships among stress, anxiety and performance in a variety of contexts, with a specific focus on men and women and how they differ. Anxiety and stress represent the psychological and physiological notation and what they represent in society. There is ample amount of research to support the notation that women experience more stress and anxiety than men due to gender roles and what society deems as acceptable and unacceptable (Caballo, Salazar, Irurtia, Arias & Hofmann, 2014). This paper will examine what are some contributing factors of stress and anxiety between men and women, as well as, the effects that such stress and anxiety have on both parties. Likewise, taking a look into some different coping technique that work better for men and

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